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Because all good men do, and we appreciate that. Men's Health Spain featured the actor's surfing skills.

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While on set, the actor likes to teach his costars Spanish words. It all takes place on a flight from Spain to Mexico, but shortly after take-off the pilot de la Torre announces that a mechanical fault means they need to make an emergency landing. And when that doesn't work, they lace everyone's drinks with mescaline. But even if it looks fluffy and silly, there are some serious things going on under the surface, as Almodovar undermines stereotypes and plays with sexuality issues.

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Aside from this being utterly true, it's also pretty hilarious. We're jealous from all ends. Here he is in character for Velvet. Then the passenger Bruna Duenas reveals that she's a virginal psychic who sees death ahead, and everyone starts to panic. All of this swirls together like a nutty s Mexican soap, aggregate root relationships dating complete with flimsy-looking sets and a sparky mariachi score.

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And the pilots and flight attendants are also romantically entangled. It's him, Irina Shayk, and Javier Bardem.