Adobe Photoshop 9.0

Described in See Replace color transform settings. Handle of a text string with uniform resource locator.

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Selective Color settings files are loaded and saved in Photoshop's Selective Color dialog. Not currently used by Photoshop. Grid and guides resource format Photoshop stores grid and guides information for an image in an image resource block. See See Image Data Section.

Adobe photoshop 9.0

Choose your region

This limited range is used because the points are expressed relative to the image size. See Layer and mask information section shows the overall structure of this section.

The number of channels in the image, including any alpha channels. The actual values are stored for the new version.

Webarchive template wayback links. Pattern data as Virtual Memory Array List. Calibration Order - an ordering of the planes in a relation starting with the root plane, depth first, cricket videos mobile recursive traversal of the planes that are attached to the given plane. Each curve point is a pair of short integers where the first number is the output value vertical coordinate on the Black Generation dialog graph and the second is the input value. Using this feature is useful for achieving effects that otherwise would require complex use of clipping groups.

There is no version number written in the file. If the color does not require four values to specify, the extra values are undefined and should be written as zeros. Levels Levels settings files are loaded and saved in the Levels dialog. The others are for backward compatibility with beta versions. Relation - a set of related planes.

Descriptor of open parameters. Image resources Image Resources Section.

Levels settings files are loaded and saved in the Levels dialog. The length of the section may already be known.

Knots should only be marked as having linked controls if their control points are collinear with their anchor. See also the Curves data format in See Curves file format. Text data see See Descriptor structure. The details of a custom color's color data fields are not public and should be treated as a black box. Same as Flags information above.

It is recommened that you do not interpret or use this data. Applied to all image data.

Adobe photoshop 9.0

The following is repeated for the given length. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See Slices resource block in the next table.

Adobe photoshop 9.0

Amount of magenta correction. The makeup of each resource type is described in the following sections. The next three items are repeated for each of the effects.

Image resources Image Resource Blocks. When saving the curves applied to a single channel, the settings are stored into the master curve, at the beginning of the file.

Names of the alpha channels as a series of Pascal strings. The data in a path resource consists of one or more byte records. Each length record is then immediately followed by the Bezier knot records describing the knots of the subpath. This document does not explain how to interpret the data. When saving the levels applied to a single channel, the settings are stored into the master set, at the beginning of the file.