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Aquila life funds liquidating, municipal Bond Funds

List of All Aquila Funds

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Funds are priced daily and their value changes in line with the markets they invest in, therefore the value of your investment can go down as well as up. We are carrying out restructuring activity on some of our funds. If General Partners could aggregate the time they spend on older funds they would likely realize that a secondary transaction enables them to focus on better things.

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Only my partners and I know how to extract the value from these companies Many times the companies remaining in a fund past its ten-year mark have made substantial changes to their businesses. Will the Aegon risk rating change? No, the Aegon risk rating for each fund will remain unchanged. No, it will not change as a result of the restructure.

This means they are held separately, i.

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Yes, the strategy will continue to operate in the same way as it does now. We have found that, to the contrary, Limited Partners appreciate getting cash sooner rather than later. Will I pay any costs associated with these changes? However, in the long-term there will be a time savings as a sale frees whatever resources were previously devoted to the sold fund.

The name changes will be implemented gradually from March across our material, so you may notice both the old and new names in use for a time. There is no change to the charge taken by Aegon for the fund s but, as with any investment fund, charges and additional expenses can vary over time.

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There will inevitably be some investors generally individuals who made smaller investments focused on incremental gains at the end of a ten year period. The fund objective, fund management team and approach will also remain unchanged. You do not need to take any action as a result of these changes. Will there be any change to the investment strategies?

The full list of the current and new fund names is shown below. However, most institutional investors have already realized the vast majority of gains or losses before the fund enters the extension period. However, as with any investment fund, charges and additional expenses can vary over time. In such cases, the individual who led the investment assuming he or she is still a fund employee may no longer be the best person for the current operation. Will the fund charge that I pay Aegon change as a result of these changes?

You currently invest in one or more Aegon Scottish Equitable Plc funds via your pension plan that invest in BlackRock Aquila life funds. Here are what I consider to be the top five myths held by General Partners about end-of-life fund sales. Having spoken with many General Partners about end-of-life transactions, australian casual dating site I believe that there are a number of common misconceptions about the topic. Have an opinion about end-of-life fund transactions? Why are you changing the underlying BlackRock funds you invest in?

Corporate Bond Fund

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