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No, create an account now. Just bought this repaired guitar from a thrift shop this aft. The first digit gives the year.

Why get a Japanese off-brand when for a few hundred dollars more you could get a Gibson or Fender? VoodooHighway Senior Member. Furthermore, interracial dating in durham I was wondering what a fair resale value it would bring.

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Paste as plain text instead. Please let me know if you get any info. Some more photos attached. Can anyone help me determine the date of production? Finger picking or sheading is no problem with these babies.

Aria Pro II Les Paul Identification Help

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  • Everything about this guitar is top of the line.
  • If anyone has information on the age of the A, I'd appreciate it.
  • Louis Music imported Matsumoku built Electra Guitars.
  • The lack of serial number is the same.
  • They could have been special orders, regards Mike.
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Matsumoku often preferred using Aria as its business agent, and many of Matsumoku's contracts were written by Aria with Matsumoku stated or implied as sub-contracted manufacturer. Is it a real Aria made in Japan or just a copy? Aria had two factories that produced guitars besides Matsumoku, one which made classical guitars, and another that made medium grade and specialty guitars. Can anybody figure out the model and serial?

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Looked inside and it says Serial No. No serial number anywhere on this guitar. Nothing seams to match the numbers on deferent dating charts.

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If someone can read Japanese please help. These issues were addressed early on with Matsumoku. Hosokawa, were together making furniture. Rotosound Competition - win a year's worth of strings! Hello, dating website in tamil nadu thank you for taking the time to read my request.

Help me with my Aria Sandpiper Please! Click here to view the original discussion. It sure is a nice looking bass though.

Need help identify this aria pro II

Can I shift this whole conversation to it? Plus, the input jack should be recessed. Matsumoku devoted its energies on engineering and building guitars and other stringed instruments.

Just make sure it's a made in Japan model. Rest of de digits is production number. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

How to Date an Aria Guitar

Some top line and special edition guitars are still manufactured in Japan, however, most Aria guitars are now produced in Korea and China. Here are the pictures that I have. This created a very strong neck not prone to splitting or warping.

Actually I like the necks on all four of my basses, but this is my only foreign bass. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Matsumoku. Higher than current Epiphones for sure. Any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated!

They made many low-end, bolt on neck guitars with cheap pots, switches, bridges, pick-ups etc. It certainly makes a difference, but a great set of pickups, pots, and a solid nut and bridge setup. Home What's new Latest activity Authors. They're quite nicely made, but nothing really special, pickups are pretty characterless, german free and pots are garbage.

Tell me about Aria Pro II guitars

Aria Pr II serial number

It may be the only neck-thru hollow body guitar ever made. Did not bid but boy was i tempted. Gibson changed the look and sound of Epiphone's best selling archtop, the Casino, when production shifted to Japan. Looks like a violin finish.

Aria (guitar company)
  1. It was a one year only model and somewhat different from the later models.
  2. Oh, and mine's currently in pieces and the body's down to bare ply.
  3. The op didn't have a guarantee card.
  4. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

How to date my aria pro 2 - Bass Guitars - Basschat

It also has a laser-cut closed sound hole and it is acoustic electric. Information about Matsumoku's contribution to guitar making is better known now due in large part to the Internet. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Display as a link instead.

Their hardware was never great. Long tenon glued into the body with two additional screw fixings within the neck pickup cutout. Unlike most hollow bodies, it is not light. Hey guys, I'm new here so I don't know any of you but I can't wait to meet you.

As production costs of bolt on neck guitars were less, some guitarists regarded them as inferior instruments. Exactly what got made where in this transitional year is open to debate. It will require pickups replace I guess, and the tunning posts have been already replaced. Hi, speed dating near I just bought this guitar.

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Large block mother of pearl inlays. If the seller insists that the guitar is something that it is not, they are likely asking more than it is worth. The wood and craftsmanship are gorgeous. These guitars are almost too pretty to play. Search Forums Recent Posts.

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How to date my aria pro 2 - Bass Guitars - Basschat
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