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It's an unfortunate start. But I also know I'm not going to be a huge artist.

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Marling and Khan became huge while Houghton and her band, the Hooves of Destiny, apparently vanished. The album will be the first to be produced by Houghton herself, taking a journey into relationships and mental health of the musician. Although the two had never previously met, in January Herring flew from Baltimore to Los Angeles and suggested collaborating and writing some music as well. Houghton Directed, illustrated and animated the clip. The music is a group effort.

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In Houghton's case it means she communicates largely through colours and symbols, and struggles to read. Wow, but Houghton can sing. However, after initial sessions going well, Houghton became disenchanted with the sound of the new album and the sessions were cancelled.

Houghton had previously dated the band's singer Anthony Kiedis. Having been a life long sufferer of anxiety, Houghton's work often touches upon discomfort, using humour to help ease her symptoms and dispel stigma surrounding mental health. Houghton's vocals roll from comically deep to sombre, ct law dating restrictions sounding like a sort of lo-fi Kate Bush. Houghton started writing songs in her teens.

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Houghton then spent nine months travelling around America, always returning to Los Angeles which had by this point become her spiritual home. We never really went away. During this time, she reevaluated her musical direction, and continued to write. Three guesses and I hit gold.

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