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The wind blows as it will. Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube. God Sent Helpers to Israel.

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It would be absurd to think we could! You Have an Expiration Date. Click to install Google Chrome. Friends are people with whom we share love and affection and also a sense of obligation.

Let's not take for granted the value of humor to introduce a difficult topic such as forgiving others. Jesus Teaches About the Kingdom of God. The following inspirational video uses fifty different Bible verses and beautifully touching images to portray the wonderful love of God.

The following video clip will give you a whole new perspective on the story of the unforgiving servant! This beautiful Christian Video of sand painting begins with God's eye as He begins creation. They can enhance your devotion time or be used to engage students in Bible study lessons or sermons. My wife used to teach Israeli dance workshops all over the world.

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Jesus Picks His Disciples. Why am I seeing this message? The answer lies in the passage!

Work as Worship RightNow Conferences. So often in our walks with the Lord, we become focused on what we can see, what we can hear and what we can sense in the physical realm.

Christian video clips are just one of the amazing multimedia tools that modern technology has made available for us through the Internet. These minute Christian video clips are a great way to begin a Bible study lesson with teens as well as adults. Menu Worthy Ministries What is a Christian?

Jesus is the Passover Lamb. Easton's Bible Dictionary. Woven - The Art of Discipleship. It is important to keep in mind that we can never dictate which direction the wind will blow. Learn more about different user roles.

Watch impactful Christian messages on Youtube and Tangle Godtube. Use these to connect sights and sounds to Biblical truths. Stop Having An Identity Crisis. This would be a unique and effective tool for sharing the love of Christ with others or even as an encouraging devotion for someone needing to be reminded of God's love and sovereignty.

In the box below, please add the email addresses for people from your small group, your spouse, and your friends from church. God Can Heal a Broken Family.

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We hope and pray that God uses these devotionals to bless your family and their spiritual growth. Devotional lessons come with scripture references and discussion questions. Make your family devotional time relevant, word beta interesting and contemporary. Our teenagers don't mind hanging around for the cool videos and a chance to voice their opinions.

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As a mother of four, I've experienced the feeling of being an invisible mom at times. Well if this is so, how can we be filled with the Spirit? Interested in learning more about RightNow Media?

The best time for our family seems to be just as people are finishing up their last bite. And that fingerprint again points to the very Cross of Christ. These lessons come with scripture references and discussion questions. Here and now, I wish to apologize. Video Playback Not Supported.

Watch powerful Christian messages on Youtube and Tangle Godtube. Many of these are found among the other Bible teaching tools of our site, but we also wanted to bring them all together on this page. Often in the Bible you will see the word wind or breath. The root meaning of these words, both in Hebrew and Greek, is almost always Spirit.

Malayalam christian songs