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10 June 2017 - Shaadi Special

She was seriously injured and has probably got injuries of a permanent character and can hardly ever resume her career as an artist. At the season end, Tino Aeby's trio has shrunk to only consist of Tino himself, and Mathilde Gormsen has left the circus. The Portuguese run-in clown Angelo Chaves has both his son and daughter in the ring.

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Jessica and Kim are seen in the foreground. Martin and one of his pigeons. The first artist act is Jelena Vasiljeva with hula hoop.

And he gives the role of dismissed rocker, which is a confused version of the Phantom and Batman. In it was all over the world celebrated that the Circus was born years ago.

Charlie of the Year to Johanna Abrahamsson. Duo Solys proves that body and love can go up in a higher artistic whole. Composed with a wealth of experiences, nostalgia and great shows. Kim has also contributed to the staging the show and you could recognize his elegant fingerprints.

They had a fantastic charm that went right into the hearts of the audience. Tiina had their Danish debut in Circus Benneweis in and and were later in several seasons with Circus Arena.

Zirkus Nemo is a combination of a circus and a comedy show owned by Danish actor and comedian Soren Ostergaard. Apart from the comedy part of the show, this year with Soren Ostergaard and Laura Kvist Poulsen, poker superstars 3 you met some very good artists in the show. The circus queen Agnete Louise Enoch will see the show on Sunday in Esbjerg and has promised to write a review.

But he always tries something new. It is rare that the tent is full, and many circus lots are too small to accommodate the present tent. He comes with brand new magic acts and illusions that have never before has been seen in Denmark. The very best - admission to the Christmas Market is free.

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Gulio came back in the ring again, but this time with his daughter Juliya. Jimmy Folco with the well-known western film routine with audience volunteers. In addition to seeing the exhibitions, you can step into the Artist's Workshop, where you can try your luck as a circus artist. Click here to see a video clip from with Oleg.

As circus this year all over the world celebrates its th anniversary we have managed to get a special exhibition abot circus for years in Circusland during the autumn holiday. Daniel Deleuran welcomed and made sure everyone came in the right circus mood.

The beautiful Tetyana is aerial acrobat - in an aesthetic act with silks tissue. And we get the familiar story about grandfather's pole. This year he conjured pigeons out of a saucepan, a painting and a changer bag. The stage was filled with props and among other things the world's smallest globe of death and steel stairs most back from the stage. Then the clown Gulio was back, this time together with his wife Tatyana.

One of the circus world's best acts with cats. The number must be strictly constructed, otherwise it may end up in chaos. An elderly gentleman volunteered and entered the stage after some discussion with his hysterical wife.

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Then an inflatable version of the clown Gulio came in the ring. In and he was back in Tivoli. Interior in the tent with the ring, fence around the ring no track and seating. He spirit her away in a box and then conjured both Jessica and then Maria up of the box. Andersen figures out of paper.

Comedy circus clips

Photo from Kenny Quinn's collection. By ourtesy of Circus Land. Then Sarah and Francesco came with an act where Sarah was the human doll, which during the act turned out to have its own will and a live body. Among the performers during the summer holidays was the Wolf family, known by Danes from Circus Dannebrog and Circus Krone.

Click here to see more of Jacob Boas Leitisstein's photos from Circusland. In the Sundswall performance, however, he appears to be alone. Comic magic with Gulio and Tatyana. In addition, there is something as exciting as a real knife thrower, a high speed juggler and and something as exclusive as a Japanese tight wire dancer.

Jessica Caveagna has sent me this photo, taken by the outstanding English circus photographer Andrew Payne. She is one of Suzanne Berdino's triplets. One thought it was impossible that there could be so much on one stage at a time. Every day in the autumn holidays you have the opportunity to see a number of shows. Once again the autumn holiday program featured a lot of different shows and performances.

Also, these answers were written on the flip chart. Fortunately, he uses safety lounge under his dangerous act. Her partner as Nis used to be Daniel Dimitrijevic, better known as the clown Danilo. The Danish circus year in review is an annual review published on this website by the end of each year.

10 June 2017 - Shaadi Special

His interaction with Frank has been built through years of friendship and cooperation. Al photos by courtesy of Pierre Laporte Communication. Thank you for an unforgettable day I will never forget!

The juggler Kasparas Bujanauskas present a nice act with cigar boxes. It is a volcanic eruption of a sense bombardment with masks and big bands music - a kind of spiritual savage dance.

Comedy circus clips

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