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So yeah, we were very excited. And the second dance becomes the prequel to the first dance.

It's still one of our favorite dances. This week, they're doing something really cool on the show. He has given me anything I would possibly want in a partner. That's not going to happen. So we showcased that it's not just tricks and lifts, that he can move and he can hold his own, and he did a superb job.

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You're a veteran of the show. And he's absolutely brilliant. What do you think about Maks coming back to guest-judge? Everything else, whether we worry or not about it, there's nothing we can do.

And I decide in the tango that I don't want to be a part of that, but I can't stop him anymore. So then in the rumba, it's him finding me and seducing me to be part of his darkness, part of his world. But for now, we have our eye on that final and we are ready to work our butts off for it.

Do you feel that that's accurate? There was a reason why I wanted him to do the show, because I knew he comes from this industry. He's been my dream partner for close to five years and I've been nagging him to do the show for almost five years and he's finally agreed. He's also a really cool guy. And I'm thinking, how the heck does everybody get ready so fast?

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What do you and Corbin have planned? We still did that with our waltz, up government laptop tinder dating site but we definitely kept in mind that the judges would much rather prefer to see the traditional waltz over the Corbin and Karina version of the waltz. How is it working with Corbin?

In the tango, we both have become creatures of darkness in a way, but he is like the mastermind of darkness and he obviously has dangerous agendas in his game plan. What can you tell us about this week's theme?

He's just awesome to hang around with. But you know, I just don't want to leave anything to chance because the judges do give him a lot of tough love.

When you did the routine, you had said that Corbin was a big fan of the show but you were less familiar with it. With that said, we still went after the story, because for us, dancing is a physical expression. The way the package was cut was definitely interesting to watch live on the big screen before you start dancing. Like, you tell a story with your body language.

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