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Plus never post your e mail address here. Photo, e mail address, Street address, Explain how, You connected. But as for loss of money, I just read another posting only a minute ago where the guy lost one million. You have a wonderful and humorous story.

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Dear, I do not wish to give you a words of good bye! When I added her, her name listed as suda abu, reversed? If everything were on contrary, the world would go upside down.

She is definetly the same girl as you have listed here as Raven Riley. They will claim to be the Model or Porn Star. Live long and prosper, and thank you. Its the impact this has on your heart. No matter what made up story, Your told.

You, I'm sure are better off than that. They are not leaving my head.

There are no white or black girls or men that can be trusted. The very same scammer can try to scam, You again using more stolen photo's, Fake name and everything. They have many e mail addresses, many phone numbers. Your confusion comes from your not accepting you were fooled. Good Luck to, You if, You do not end the relationship now.

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Just understand that scammers use stolen pictures for everything. You need to get off the net for awhile so, You can learn to spot a scammer in less than a second on, Your own. Raven Riley is a Porn Star that has had many of her pictures stolen whatever. So yes those photo's are stolen as well as any Raven Riley pictures.

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Scammers use stolen photo's, They can fake a Webcam appearance. Plus if, You block, Him all, He has to do is use another of, His many e mail addresses to get around, Your block. You need to take the time now to learn all you can about scams and scammers. Tell your mates that you're brushing-up on the romance scam activities and bait-pics!

My relatives will no longer be able to help me out. It makes no difference what photo, You have been given. There is also now a look alike of hers operating out of Ghana. Ultimately it isn't about the money.

Not unless you want your in box flooded with scammers. The scammer will use different photo's, yukimi nagano dating advice new e mail address and another fake name. You must learn about scams now because the scammer you just left behind is like a shark it is fallowing your blood trail.

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It helps others avoid this scammer by posting as much information as possible here. Tell in detail how you got hooked up etc. Hope you can help me out and give me your support. Thats because they work in shift's from a script.

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But I do not want to be lonely again. If the person were real they wuold answer anything for, You. Only send money to family even then have them call you and confirm they actually asked you for money. In the mean time, Your stuck being scammed. Mama gave me almost all the money that she had to help me out with this journey.

Your Scammer is most likely a guy or group of guys. Another thing to be aware of. You asked if, Your being scammed? Never send money to someone you never met in person. The odds of getting a photo of anyone related or otherwise is next to impossible.

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Obviously, meant to lure you into the scammer's web of deceit snd deception, and empty your pockets with as much money as possible. Is next to impossible because they change their information constantly. Copy of a letter, photo no nude ones though. They have the help of their girl when they need her.

Confronting a scammer does no good at all. Has anyone hear these names before?

My request for help from one hand is the opportunity to come to you, and from other hand is the approval of seriousness of your plans. If it remains here eventually, Your in box will draw many scammers like flies. It makes no difference what name, You have been given scammers change their fake or stolen identity often. It is right on the nail about the criminals!

The Force, and some wise counsel, gave me the power and wisdom to do this. Scammers use the Bible and God to get what they want. Good detection spares us from unwelcome surprises. Unless, You want to talk Love to a man that's, Your choice.

Right now, Your Dangerous to, Yourself. When I asked her if she wanted to share pics she said sure. But without your help I will not be able to fly to you. The scammer is committing a crime and no way wants a picture that will trace back to, Him.