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Refrigerant line size calculator. These modules are already inside of basic Rhvac Desktop, but operating at a demo level that limits the size of the building and number of duct sections that can be drawn. Each manufacturer provides its own chart for sizing copper loops and thus loop sizing software is not required.

The length of tubing required in the loop is a special calculation. Why does it seem like customers of another utility do better in storms? You can save as many items of equipment as you like in each room. Color graphic bar graphs and pie charts can be printed as well Desktop Only. On occasion, we will schedule a planned outage so our crews can make repairs or upgrades.

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Allowance for hot water piping losses. Many states, counties, cities and townships around the U.

Crews may also be in rights-of-way, off-road areas on sub-transmission lines that feed our distribution systems. In addition, many more window selections are included with both versions of Rhvac beyond what is in the standard Manual J book. Rhvac Online Demo - Using Help.

If the power goes out, do I need to throw out the food in my refrigerator? All you have to do is say what materials steel, ductboard, or flex duct are being used for trunk and runout ducts. Drag and drop zoning control is provided through the powerful and graphic Project Explorer feature of Rhvac Desktop. We repair major streets before we focus on smaller streets. Moody diagram friction vs flow diagram.

Each state has its own energy code requirements. If your entire neighborhood is without power, or power goes out during a storm, it is usually not necessary to call us. Lets you enter the entire duct system, or individual ducts if you prefer. Projects can also be saved to your local computer and can be uploaded and downloaded from different computers as desired.

This is a tabular input procedure as shown here where you can either enter your entire duct system or individual ducts. Allows you to precisely specify the characteristics of the duct system in order to more accurately determine its sensible gain and loss. Includes latent gain due to the ductwork as well. If you have special medical equipment in your home, you may be eligible for our Life Support Program. Rhvac helps you comply with state energy codes by creating input files that energy code compliance programs such as ResCheck, Energy Gauge, nero 8 software full version with key and RemRate can import.

Building, System, Zone and Room. Refrigerated food can stay cool for six to nine hours. Cold Room load calculator.

List of Videos for all Programs. Thermocouple Ports The series includes two thermocouple ports at the base of the meter.

It suggests sizing strategies that differ according to the type of equipment being used. In those cases, we try to work during off hours, and you will be notified well in advance.

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Proposal Maker - Create professional sales proposals and other documents linked to calculation results. Yes, many people are able to learn the drawing system using just the user manuals and free videos on the web site. Refrigeration System Diagnostic - using Mollier. Why did my power come back on, then go off again? The supervisor will survey the area and returns to crews with information.

Rhvac gives you full Manual J, D and S capabilities. Rhvac includes a Drawing Board window, which operates at the demo level until you purchase a separate license for Drawing Board. Where can we take you from here?

If you want to do a complete Manual D duct system analysis and include every duct section and fitting in the project, both Rhvac Desktop and Rhvac Online include Tabular Manual D Ductsize. To start logging, press the key. Try to leave the refrigerator and freezer doors closed during a power outage. First, we assess our overall system and repair the power plants, major lines, and substations that carry power from us to you. Restoring power to your home is a complex and dangerous job.

What if I have electricity problems not due to a storm or general outage? So what should you start with?

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PsyChart - Draw printer-friendly psychrometric charts and analyze complex processes. Displays psychrometric chart. You can still just use basic Rhvac Desktop to start with even if you buy the combo.

Rhvac is available in both an online and desktop version. How do I use the Outage Map?

Direct exchange heat pumps use copper tubing to connect the heat pump to the ground. We will work as quickly as possible to get you back up and running. Allows virtually unlimited rooms grouped into zones per system using drag and drop zoning techniques. Graphics and text can be mixed in any way desired.

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In this way, you can work on the same projects in the most efficient way possible no matter where you are. See more details on Energy Audit here.

But training can be very helpful if you want to learn as fast as possible. You can usually fix the problem yourself by flipping the breaker switch or replacing a fuse. Have your account number or phone number available when you call to report your outage. Know your true costs for all your projects so you can profitably price your work.