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A Golden Voice - Talat Mahmood

Kindly guide me where and how I can obtain it. His voice has something unique in it. God bless your family and Talatjis name should be there forever. If you ever visit Edmonton Canada, Please visit my home it would be an honour.

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And Khalid, you have done excellent job to bring him to his devoted fans. It is my greatest regret that I never met him in person. He had his God-gifted vibrant voice.

When I become adult and started understanding music I found Talats voice a prescription for healing of all kinds. Couple of fan letters addressed to him were not even acknowledged. Let me know where I can get some of his old hits filmy or other.

The pictures, the descriptions, made me miss my family. My fascination still continues and now even I like humming Talat Sahab's songs. If you want to have a copy, I will send one to you.

Talat will always be my favourite singer and it was love at first sight rather first note! You are doing a fabulous job and I wish you success and happiness in all your endeavours. Please contact me on my given address. But i found no bangla songs there. Unfortunately, don't have it anymore.

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He is untouchable, I have almost all his songs, gazals and they are my greatest treasure. But did Talat ever meet The Beatles while he was in England? Please keep this website alive to remember Talat sahib and his memories of the best music.

But you did not upload two songs in older version. Khalid to tribute the great legend I wish to meet his family specially with you. Who can forget the following songs that made him immortalized in Hindi Film Songs. Very kind of you Khalid Sahab to share your songs as unconditional love of your father, of whom i ve been fan for ages.

Na Ro Bibi Gurmeet Bawa Mp3 Song

Whenever I feel low and depressed, mixer recording software I just play Talat songs. By the way this version is Rare. You proved to be a worthy son of your loving father. He was a great ghazalist of his time.

Na Ro Bibi Gurmeet Bawa Mp3 Song

It is a sad state of affairs that the worlds best ghazal singer remained less heard than ordinary talents like Jagjit Singh, Pankaj Udhas and Anup Jalota during the ghazal wave. You have done a great job with the web-site. Iam a very big fan of Talat saab.

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We enjoyed the show very much. This website about Talat Mahmood is mind-boggling and has left me dazed.

May be I missed a lot of songs that were uploaded on your website earlier. Would you please recommend where can i find songs on website.

It is not case with any other singer. His velvety voice never failed to move me. All I knew that he was a great singer, and I grew up listening and loving his songs. Coupled with it he has the rare sonorousness and vocal beauty that makes him unique, only one of a kind. Kab meri umeed poorin karoge Sahib.

Na Ro Bibi mp3 song by Gurmeet Bawa

If you have the audio, can you put this up on the site. His voice is very beautiful. In this busy materialistic world, we often forget who we were and what our values, likes nad dislikes were.

The concert went with TalatSaab's magical touches. When I sit alone and listen to him I feel I do not need a companion, cause I have a friend with me who understands my emotions, my feelings.

Even the great Mehdi Hassan, who owes much of his singing skills to Talat does not come close in terms of sonority and effortless singing. Ek bar mujhe pretum keh ke is immortal. Thank you very much for starting this website. My rich tributes to the Music Legend and sincere prayers for the departed soul.

Besides this, he sung all of his songs very easily and effortlessly. He continued in spite of the sore throat and no one was really bothered that Talat saab needed a rest. But please keep on updating it! His voice touches the not only the heart but the very soul. May his soul be blessed in peace.