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Lastly, I used in-app tool to provide the dev some incremental revenue and encourage others to do the same. Create any number of counters, timer and events, customize them, visualize the count events over time in a graph.

Links can be opened in Tabs in the foreground or background manually or automatically. You can control the app from your Apple Watch with the same menu buttons as on the iPhone or iPad screen. Now you can give an optional tip for iCab Mobile and I gave the largest recommended one.

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Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch. Bookmarks can be organized in folders. Viele Verbesserungen sowie einige Bugfixes.

NewsTap A news reader for the Usenet. It maintains a download history, and supports downloading of an individual page, or a whole site crawling with many user-selectable crawl-constraint options. Number Converter A tool to convert numbers between different numeral systems.

Supports many third-party Password Manager Apps as well. Yes, the name is iCab Mobile. And, if you already own and use it, feel free to share some of your thoughts and tips for the app with us below! Die App bietet viele Funktionen, die das Surfen im Web sehr vereinfachen. Die Suche kann erweitert werden.

Students of computer science and maths may find this App very useful when they start analyzing if mathemetical problems or algorithms are computable. Einige Verbesserungen sowie Bugfixes. Beneath these are your web page tabs. The Kiosk mode is the ideal environment when the computer is accessing a public place like fairs, exhibitions, hotels etc.

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Copied Utilities View on AppAddict. In truth, most of these features such as tabbed browsing should have been available from the beginning in Safari. If you decide to head to the App Store and purchase iCab Mobile, be sure to pop back over here and let us know what you think of it. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Diverse Bugfixes und Verbesserungen.

Information Seller Alexander Clauss. At any time you can easily decide if a link or bookmark is opened in a new window or tab, in the background or foreground.

Several improvements and bugfixes. The app gives you a way to save forms, restore them later, and password protect them. The lightweight widget lets you access this information fast and anytime. Here are just a few of those that do make the app stand out.

View and edit your open tabs or open a new one. View more by this developer. While the mobile Safari on the iPad is an up-scaled version of the iPhone variant, iCab for iPad is a downscaled variant of the desktop iCab for Mac. Sys Info Widget This App provides a Widget for the notification center which shows the current memory and file storage usage and the battery level.

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It is also possible to let iCab read a web site using speech output. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kiosk mode While in Kiosk mode, iCab will cover the whole screen and all other applications are blocked.

Source code manager iCab can display the source code of a page itself or open it in an Text Editor. Obviously, electrical schematic design software tabbed browsing is a big draw and in iCab it has been implemented very well.

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Number Converter Eine einfache App, um Zahlen zwischen unterscheidlicher Zahlensystemen unterschiedlicher Basen zu konvertieren. Nombri This App is a tally counter.

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AppAddict is not affiliated with Apple, Inc. So I have to do a whole bunch of manual scrolling to get to the right place and this is constantly!

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Puts the website in full screen mode with minimal menu buttons. Filters are awesome for improving your browsing experience. This is especially useful on the large iPad Pro. Werbung oder Popup-Fenster.

Other additions include an inbuilt password manager and inbuilt buttons for posting links to Facebook, Twitter and Instapaper. Turing Ein Simulator einer Turingmaschine. Comparison lightweight History List for Unix Usage share. Several bugfixes and improvements. No screen space is wasted for toolbars.

It sometimes returns to a previously visited link and in other cases seems to go some fixed percentage of the way up or down the page. Given the large number of features and large degree of customization that is possible, it can become confusing at times, particularly the grouping of features in the Settings menu. Many improvements and some bugfixes.

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Category Comparisons List. Kalkulilo Calculator View on AppAddict. The InApp purchases are available for different prices, so you can pick the amount for the tip yourself.

As the web gets worse and worse to visit, iCab has gotten worse and worse to use. Lastly, we also get a standard search box, which can be customized to produce search results from Google, Wikipedia, Bing and Yahoo. It also adds a pane for bookmarks, download manager, full screen mode, social network syncing and settings. Shows the time in many different, unusual and often challenging ways.

By Alexander Clauss