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Intimidating football nicknames, list of football club nicknames in the United Kingdom

The Gunslinger via flickr. Magic Johnson is the third man to share this spot on our list. The next highest point per game total is Mario Lemieux, but he played almost fewer games than Gretzky, thus totaling over fewer points.

Most Intimidating Team Names

In a New York Times interview over a decade ago, Esiason announced that the nickname had been created by his own mother, prior to his birth, because of how much he kicked while she was pregnant.

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He is widely referred to as the G. Throughout his career, Liddell was known for keeping a cool head at all times, whether he was preparing for a fight or in the ring competing. He truly is a dominant presence on the field while maintaining a laid back, quiet demeanor in his own life.

Intimidating Team Names

His alias, referring to his cold, calculating and ultimately calm style, is an intimidating nickname indicative of a psyche that many athletes wish they had. His nicknames come from his head of hair along with his wild play on the field. The seven-time World Series Champion and twelve-time American League home run Champion is number two on this list, but not by much. Many of his knockout victories have followed flurries of punches, how to become intimidating knees and kicks that would have fatigued other fighters. That didn't stop people from complaining about the complimentary but racist nickname however.

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List of football club nicknames in the United Kingdom