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In another story, a passenger liner is about to be attacked by a pirate cruiser known to leave no survivors. The main character also develops his piloting skills with this game.

Misty ends up battling with him anyway, and instantly beats him with absolutely no effort. She also gets a perfect score playing a Dance Dance Revolution knockoff while simultaneously discussing something important with Homura. The effect of lack of any balancing requirements in Spinning classes becomes very obvious when Michael tries to ride a regular as opposed to stationary bike. In the comics, detectives are recruited using the computer game. This, like the Duck Hunt example above, is actually a subversion, since the audience knows all along that the skills come from the Intersect.

She manages to prove her worth with her skill at staff-fighting. Innovation and improvisation is the key to victory.

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Turns out that he damages wrecks the car and drives the car off a pier by accident. Navin convinces Emily to let him to pilot the Albatross due to his experience in playing flight simulation-type games. She regains her memories of actually being from the future as a result.

His students chalk it up to him being a genius, most of them not knowing that Negi is a real-life mage. The Axalon crew were put through simulations of combat and brainwashed to think they were Autobots and Decepticons as part of a warped experiment by Shockwave.

Since she was raised in a pacifistic society where even eating red meat is a crime, Spartan asked where she learned to fight like that. Only in the anime version though. An alien hybrid clone being experimented on escapes from a government research laboratory, stealing a military humvee in the process.

The Lost Colony, when Foaly bases a remote gunning system on video game controls to improve accuracy. Xander dresses up as a soldier in that one.

It's implied that having his girlfriend's life threatened served as inducement, but Instant Expert does seem to be a characteristic of humans in this film. Though at first he doesn't think it will work, and when it turns out it does people mock his invocations. It's only after going through an actual training regimen that he gets any good.

Xander Cage Vin Diesel attributes his ability with a gun to having broken his leg and having spent an entire month playing First-Person Shooter videogames. She was a fan of a show that involved staff-fighting.

Turns out all he needed was a good hard whack to get the piece of pancake out. Later played straight, when he manages to successfully steal a tank from a supply train. Towards the end, they scavenge some Martian weapons and proceed to clean house with an efficacy that Earth's militaries only wish they had. Ashburn watches a video early in the movie describing how to perform an emergency tracheotomy.

An interesting partly-justified variation on this trope from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - in one episode, a spell causes characters to literally become their Halloween costumes. Brutally subverted in Revolutionaries. The police in a small town the protagonists are visiting are revealed to be extremely incompetent and poorly trained as a result of the town never having much crime.

She's confident in her skills on the simulator, but gets nonlethally shot down in less than ten seconds. It's already piled up for him. Stop thinking Prague Police and start thinking PlayStation! He once used Gun Fu on a bunch of guys and claims he learned it from a Jet Li movie marathon he'd watched the previous night. Further, the series distinguishes being able to fly a mobile suit, and being able to fight in a mobile suit.

When World War I came around, their false memories swiftly unraveled in the face of an actual war, leading to most of them dying. This makes a certain amount of sense, considering the former is essentially a game as well, albeit with a real gun never mind the recoil. When someone who knows what they're doing for real fails at a video game version, then it's I Don't Know Mortal Kombat.

The protagonists of The Princes of the Air can't afford real flight training, so they learn to fly spacecraft by playing simulator games. Battlefield Earth has a group of tribal primitives learning to fly Harrier Jump Jets by spending a few hours in a simulator. Moral Guardians often take this trope way too seriously, begetting the concept of Murder Simulators. After all, hook up midi keyboard to garageband that's what simulators are supposed to do in the first place.

However if it did work, you could learn medicine from Dr. But he fails to consider that unlike a frog, the cabinet can't jump, and so the curb at the other end of the street seals the cabinet's fate. Eight if you count matinees. Ichi is crazed shut-in who murders people using the skills he learned from playing Fighting Games all day.

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He believes that mastering the game will give him the reflexes needed to join the Air Force as a fighter pilot. Their commander even states that they're already better than war vets, who are stuck in their ways. But then makes the same mistake using a Cubone - a Ground type and immune to Electricity - against Pikachu, who beats it without using electricity at all. Zegapain features a video game based on the control of the title mecha, used to both recruit pilots and train them in their time off. In fact, nearly every profession he learns is from something only slightly related.

It works quite well since Edward already knew how to fight but needed Stone's mentorship so he can use the right moves against Tiger Mystery Science Theater the movie plays with this. But the back deck will give Chapman a nice supply of firewood this winter. He claimed that while he was reading books and watching training films, the best way to learn soccer was to actually play the game.

When asked how she learned how to drive, one of the scientists working on her explains that they allowed her access to television, and her favorite show is The Dukes of Hazzard. The ship is carrying a wing of fighters, but there are no trained combat pilots to fly them. He turns out to be a pretty good pilot in general. However, it actually ends up demolishing an Al-Qaeda ammo dump. The episode where George tries to get a Frogger arcade cabinet across a busy street.

It takes a Training Montage from Suguha to get him in better condition to compete. He can also take on the role of any of the game's characters. This is probably based on how Whil Wheaton decided what each individual button did on his console.

Rock helps Edward defeat Tiger by telling him the button combos from a Fighting Game so he know what type of attack to use. Zoids inverts this, when actual Zoid pilots turn out to be fantastic at the video games that simulate the sport in which they participate. Time Cop also has a non-video game example. She once easily went toe-to-toe with Daredevil after renting a bunch of old Hong Kong action films from her local video store. Buster is barely able to operate a real crane after obsessively playing a crane game.