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Meera and Jamuna comes to Chennai, and Guns sacrifices his love. Bengali actress Sharmila Ghosh was also in the cast. Origins - The Savoy Sessions. They have a cup of coffee and Jagan shares his interest in marrying her. When Jamuna is left alone in Jagan's home, his father introduces another boy as Jagan.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seema gives it to Jagan who finds that Jamuna is from Bengal after seeing Bengali words in it. Their trains cross each other at Vizag yet, they fail to meet. His father is an assistant of a unsuccessful politician Charle who works for two politician brothers. Malavika Avinash of Anni fame and Giri from the Sahana serial also made their entry into the big screen, with Giri playing the role of Madhavan's friend.

It's sometimes genuinely inspirational. Jamuna buys a book, kisses it and starts writing her name, only to be interuppted by Jagan. The team were also ready to approach Aishwarya Rai to play the lead role, before the venture was shelved and the producer and director moved on to make a different film with the same title.

Seema's elder brother confronts him but her second elder brother happily wishes Jagan. She breaks down and upon seeing this, Meera scolds her of abandoning Jagan in Chennai. After she leaves, the boy tells Meera the truth.

Meera goes to Kolkata and tells Jamuna, who breaks down. She quickly informs Jamuna.

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For personal non-commercial use only. It is revealed that Meera is Jagan's friend as Jagan's sister and Meera share the same hostel. Detailed Site Map of Links. Jamuna, who is in Kolkata get a proposal from her family friend, Guna Shasikumar. But when she meets Jagan's father, his father tells her that he lied, fearing Jagan's life under the hands of the politician brothers.

He happily tells Sheela and her brothers oppose it. He plays violin well and seeks every opportunity to help others, at the same time benifitting himself.

This article is about a Tamil film. Archived copy as title link. Jagan spots her at a book store and falls for her instantly only to be beaten up by her father shortly afterwards.

Jagan only knows her name starts with J. Jagan starts looking for the bill and his friends help him.

Jay Jay Tamil mp3 songs download

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When in Kolkata, Jagan fails to find Jamuna. Under spam circumstances, Jagan gets engaged to Seema who later realizes the truth about Jagan look in for Jamuna. Jamuna gets hold of the bill while eating Pani Puri but the money is snatched by a petty thief. Seema gets hold of the book bought by Jamuna, who purposely leaves it at the cafe where they both met, in hopes it might reach Jagan.

But her unavailability led him to find another actress for the cast. Jagan, unable to forget her, goes to the bookstore again in hopes of seeing her. Madhavan is a carefree youth who stays with his friends in a room.

Jamuna goes back to Kolkata and Jagan is lost. The soundtrack of the film was composed by Bharadwaj.

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When Jagan goes to the waiter to take back the bill, it is given away. In Chennai, Jagan finds the note. Jamuna leaves for Kolkata disappointed. The lyrics for the film were written by Vairamuthu.

The costumes and the music are the only consolation for the producer of this boring and fruitless movie. In Chennai, ed hardy font Jamuna finds Jagan's house. Jamuna apologises to Jagan. She remembers Jagan's proposal and realizes she has fallen in love with him.