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She identifies the man behind the traffic accident. However, the film comes across as a regular masala fare that caters to the single screen spectator mainly and also for enthusiasts of typical Bollywood entertainers.



Amar Mohile Cinematography Gururaj R. This includes her giving him a potato and egg for lunch at his office and then annoying him by celebrating his birthday. When the hapless police inspector is held at gunpoint by Teja, Vijay manages to drop to retrieve a pistol from the ground, and shoots him dead, his body falling into the swimming pool.

Reflecting the anger of the masses, Amitabh Bachchan was seen as the new hero, who had the courage to fight against the wrongs while maintaining moral values at the same time. So, using some of his informers, Sher Khan finds Saalwe and Bosco, who was hiding himself and Saalwe in a colony.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vijay takes him up on his challenge, and meets him in street clothes to fight him. It is a remake of the Hindi film of the same name.

Seeing Vijay's honesty and integrity, Jaydev becomes an admirer of Vijay and begins to give him all the information he has regarding the oil mafia. Then, Vijay says that Prashant, who Teja killed years back, was Vijay's father. Due to certain incidents which gave Vijay wrong information about the oil mafia that Teja is handling, Vijay is suspended until the investigation is done with. Mala, by this time, has developed from a frightened stranger seeking his help to a romantic interest for him.

Eventually, along with a concerted effort by Sher Khan to cheer up Vijay, Mala relents, vowing she will not try to control him, and says he must do what is right. Filmfare Award Official Listings, Indiatimes. Seeing Vijay's honesty and determination, Sher Khan turns over a new leaf and mends his ways to transform into a person who now only goes by the book. The commissioner realizes Vijay's innocence and claims Teja as a wanted criminal. Meanwhile, Kataria Bikramjeet Kanwarpal the man who murdered the collector, has been caught by Vijay.

However, she was engaged at the time, and opted out, choosing marriage over career. He shouts at her, and she begins to cry. He gives her shelter in his house to protect her, and she starts to like him, while Vijay does not reciprocate the same. Teja is shocked and reveals that Prashant had filed a case against him, and so, Teja had to kill Prashant.

He is continuously disturbed by the killing of his parents years back. It was the first of many collaborations between screenwriter duo Salim-Javed and Amitabh Bachchan.

Films directed by Prakash Mehra. Because of this traumatic event, Vijay has recurring nightmares of a white stallion. His dark eyes with long lashes adeptly convey anger. Various dealings of the underworld continue unabated throughout the town, all tracing back to gang leader Teja Ajit Khan. Teja is the head of an oil mafia operation and does not want Mala alive.

After he leaves, Mala finally tells Vijay to finish Teja once and for all. One of India's leading male voice artist Viraj Adhav dubbed the voice of Ramcharan. Vijay is in charge of a case where the district collector has been murdered and burned to death.

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Kataria is revealed to be Teja's man, and he reveals that they steal petrol and oil from container trucks, add kerosene in them, and smuggle them around and outside the country. He keeps remembering a man in a black raincoat on his birthday. Vijay also encounters Jaydev a. Jaya Bhaduri, who was engaged to Bachchan at the time, immediately agreed to take the role, for the sake of her future husband.

Jee Chaahata Hai Tere - Sad Song (Sone Ki Zanjeer) Mp3 Download

Teja manages to get Vijay at gunpoint and pulls his coat's sleeve back. Vijay tells her that he did not want to celebrate because his parents were killed on the very day and reveals his past to her. Khanna kindly takes her to his brother and sister-in-law, and, under the sister-in-law's tutelage, Mala begins to learn how to keep house, as well as English, and other refinements.

One night, Vijay and Mala go to a restaurant for dinner, where Vijay gets attacked by two of Teja's men in the bathroom. All lyrics written by Manoj Yadav and Shabbir Ahmed. When he is released from jail, he plans to take revenge. Slowly, Vijay begins to destroy almost all of Teja's oil refineries, but Mala says that all these activities that Vijay is doing can have dangerous consequences. All lyrics written by Chandrabose.

But later Sanjay Dutt was chosen to play the character in the Hindi Version, while Srihari portrayed the same character in the Telugu Version. This film also ended the struggling period for Bachchan, and turned him into a rising star.

In the middle of this, Vijay also finds about a man named Prashant Khanna, who was killed years back by Teja. The film was released in Telugu as Thoofan. Wajhi Farooki, Palak Muchhal.

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Ram Charan, as the brooding policeman, excels in action. The government announces all the wealth to be given to Mona, who was also said to be in all of Teja's nefarious activities. Salim-Javed were responsible for discovering and casting Bachchan.

Ptv Drama Zanjeer Song

Sanjay Dutt is competent and lovable. Vijay manages to lock Mala in a small room there and gets badly injured fighting them. Vijay manages to convince Mala to give a statement which makes her perpetrators come after her. He has made Vijay a friend for life and will do anything to help him out. At fight's end, Sher Khan not only closes his gambling dens, but has gained respect for Vijay.

For the film's promotion, the posters of Zanjeer initially did not have the names of Salim-Javed on them. On the whole, Zanjeer is a triumph for Ram Charan, who gets abundant opportunity to exhibit his talent and scores exceedingly well. For the remake, battery doctor laptop see Zanjeer film.