Nabh Manual

Patients are monitored after sedation and the same documented. The procedures for medical gases address the safety issues at all levels. Documented procedures exist to prevent adverse events like a wrong site, wrong patient and wrong procedure.

There is a maintenance plan for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. It saves a lot of time and cost in document preparation. The standards encourage the governance of the organisation in a professional and ethical manner. Every medical record has a unique identifier.

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)

The patients record s is available to the authorised care-providers to facilitate the exchange of information. The improvements should be sustained. Care is organised and delivered in accordance with the policies and procedures.

Nurses are empowered to take nursing-related decisions to ensure the timely care of patients. There is a procedure to obtain medication when the pharmacy is closed. Nursing care is aligned and integrated with overall patient care. Those responsible for governance address the organisations social responsibility. Patient and family rights include information on plan of care, progress and information on their health care needs.

The patient-safety programme identifies opportunities for improvement based on review at pre-defined intervals. Staff is trained for its role in case of such emergencies. The appraisal system is used as a tool for further development. These drugs are handled by appropriate personnel in accordance with the documented procedure. Out-patients are informed of their next follow-up, where appropriate.

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)NABH Manual

Patients cared for by the organisation undergo an established initial assessment. The organisation should have a mechanism to ensure that the emergency medications are standardised throughout the organisation, readily available and replenished in a timely manner. Laboratory personnel are appropriately trained in safe practices. Patients are reassessed to determine their response to treatment and to plan further treatment or discharge. In case of death, the summary of the case also includes the cause of death.

The most important resource of a hospital and healthcare system is the human resource. Reconciliation of medications occurs at transition of care through effective communication during handover. The opportunities for improvement are implemented and evaluated.

Ready-to-use Total NABH Document Templates for Hospital Accreditation

The induction training includes orientation to the organisations vision, mission and values. There is a mechanism for analysis of data which results in identifying opportunities for improvement. Staff are trained to apply these criteria. The organisation defines and displays whether high-risk obstetric cases can be cared for or not.

Documented policies and procedures govern medications brought from outside the organisation. The organisation has a documented disaster management plan.

NABH Standards Guide - Procedures&processes manual

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There is a process to obtain medications not listed in the formulary. The tariff list is available to patients. The organisation adheres to safe injection and infusion practices.

The organisation has an ethics committee to oversee all research activities. The required job specification and job description are well defined for each category of staff. Expiry dates are checked prior to dispensing. The procedures addresses medical equipment recalls.

Documented procedures are laid down for timely and accurate dissemination of data. The organisation defines those situations where close monitoring is required.

The organisation adapts evidence-based medicine and clinical practice guidelines to guide uniform patient care. The organisation adheres to transmission-based precautions at all times. Documented policies and procedures guide the end of life care. The organisation has established processes for intense analysis of such events. The organisation documents employee rights and responsibilities.

Procedures shall comply with infection control guidelines to prevent cross-infection between patients. There is a process for credentialing and privileging of medical professionals, permitted to provide patient care without supervision. Only qualified personnel order, plan, perform and assist in performing procedures. The organization has appropriate engineering controls to prevent infections.

4th Edition - October 2015

The review focuses on the timeliness, legibility and completeness of the medical records. Discharge summary contains information regarding investigation results, any procedure performed, medication administered and other treatment given.

The organisation implements the policies and procedures laid down in the Infection Control Manual in all areas of the hospital. Documented policies and procedures exist for maintaining confidentiality, security and integrity of records, tamil nursery rhymes songs data and information. Staff involved in direct clinical care document reassessments. The functioning of committees is reviewed for their effectiveness.

Necessary resources are available for analyzing data. There is a procedure which addresses the identification and disposal of condemned material s not in use in the organization.

The reasons for restraints are documented. In case of death, the medical record contains a copy of the cause of death certificate. The organisation is a no-smoking area and manages hazardous materials in a safe manner. Staff members can demonstrate and take actions to report, eliminate, or minimise risks.

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These policies and procedures are in consonance with the legal requirements. Informed consent for administration of anaesthesia is obtained by the anaesthesiologist. Biomedical waste treatment facility is managed as per statutory provisions if in- house or outsourced to authorized contractor s. Qualified and trained personnel perform, supervise and interpret the investigations.