Pyar Kiya To Nibhana

The music was composed by Raamlaxman. So Suraj must now prevent this from happening and he must also be able to win Vishal's heart if he is really interested in marrying Muskaan. On the way to Karan's house, real one arcade he is ambushed by Jeevan at the head of a group of ruffians who attempt to kill him.

Salman Khan was not really interested because of the soft nature of the film. Meanwhile, Ranjeet goes to Kishan Prem's father and tells him that Karan has killed his son. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Films directed by Sooraj Barjatya. The film was the biggest grosser of and one of India's highest-grossing films.

The casting of the lead actor became complex. The first sequence filmed was of the office scene where Rajiv Verma tells Salman that he has to go.

He decides to venture out and try his luck in business - travel overseas in Dubai so that he can accumulate enough wealth to get his daughter married. Prior to the film's production, Rajshri Productions was struggling financially, and was on the verge of closing down.

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At that point, Prem and Suman both realise that they have fallen in love with each other, which is by now quite apparent. It was Barjatya's directorial debut, Khan's first leading role after a supporting role in the previous year's Biwi Ho To Aisi. Both are overjoyed, start making merry and prepare for the wedding. Eventually, Suraj's friends told Suraj's family about this village.

Studies in Indian Popular Music. The soundtrack was very successful upon release, becoming the best-selling Bollywood soundtrack of the decade. Unable to believe this, Kishan goes himself to the village to verify and arrives at Karan's village, surprised to find Prem alive, well, happy and rejoicing.

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Barjatya devoted ten months to write Maine Pyar Kiya screenplay. Maine Pyar Kiya Promotional Poster. British Board of Film Classification.

Prem must prove that he can support his wife by his own effort and live separately. Dutt failed the screen test and Barjatya asked her if she could suggest any actor for the lead. Suman leaves the party sadly in tears and distances herself from Prem. The soundtrack was also released in Tamil.

Barjatya and written by Barjatya with S. At the end of the month, Prem has earned the required money. All the lyrics were penned by Rajashri.

Sohail Khan and Bunty Walia. This is the turning point in the story. Balasubrahmanyam and Sharda Sinha. Chachu's half-shocked to know the reason why Suraj came to this village. Vishal accepts Suraj as his future brother-in-law.

All the lyrics were penned by Vaali. Later on, Muskaan decides she wants to go to university in Mumbai and has to persuade her brother to let her go. The track list featured eminent singers of Tamil Film Industry like S.

Best Male Playback Singer. He took six months to write the first half and four months to write the second half. This stoic determination melts Karan's heart and he agrees to allow his daughter Suman marry Prem. Despite injuries, Suraj's stepmother calls Police because she cares now about Suraj. Karan returns from abroad and is enraged at Kishan's behaviour and Kishan accuses him of plotting to set up Prem and Suman.

And he decides to bring Muskaan back to the farm sensing Suraj's bad influence on her studies. The track list featured eminent singers of Telugu Film Industry like S.

But Vishal does not like Suraj because his terms and conditions of his future brother-in-law are very strenuous physically and he thinks Suraj is neither competent nor a man to be taken seriously. Never miss latest songs lyrics update. Thus, he decides to leave his daughter with his family friend Kishan Rajeev Verma. Raamlaxman composer Asad Bhopali lyrics Dev Kohli lyrics.

Best Performance in a Comic Role. The film was dubbed into Telugu with the title Prema Paavuraalu which ran successfully.

Karan Alok Nath is a poor mechanic who lives in the countryside with his one and only daughter, the beautiful Suman Bhagyashree. He survives, but his wages are ruined in the fight while the ruffians get lost somewhere in the jungle, unable to find their way back. Outdoor session of the film was done in Ooty. Karan and Kishan quarrel, and eventually Karan and Suman return to their village, deeply humiliated and confused at the turn of events. He feels that she has taken advantage of his hospitality and kindness.

We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists. They consequently try to fight Vishal but instead get beat up. Prem refuses to accept the separation, goes to Suman's village and begs to be allowed to marry her. It became an All Time Blockbuster in the Hindi film industry.

If you loved someone, don't be afraid is a Indian Hindi romantic comedy film. After a few attempts at messing with Muskaan and trying to get her attention, Suraj finally succeeds and Muskaan falls in love with him. Suraj later learns from Muskaan that Vishal is her brother and he apologizes to Muskaan and Vishal for beating him up.

Prem then works as a truck driver and laborer in the nearby quarry. Rajshri Productions was on the verge of closing down, before it was saved by the film's success. Filmfare Award for Best Film.