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Unknown to them, Axew has gotten stuck in the antennae of a Scolipede, causing the Scolipede to rampage. The gang has finally arrived in Nimbasa City after a long and hard journey. When they want to attack again, a Mienfoo appears and knocks them out. After a practice match between Scraggy and Axew, Iris spots a Druddigan after it attacks them.

Wizard Run Take control of Alice the Apprentice as she battles through six exciting worlds. Pikachu, Axew, and Duosion try to wake him up again by using Thunderbolt, Dragon Rage, and Psywave respectively, but accidentally knock him out. She sends out a Sawsbuck next and Cilan sends out Pansage.

The next match is Timburr against Oshawott. The first match is Georgia vs. Suddenly, the two Beartic groups meet and they begin to fight each other, firing Sheer Cold attacks at each other, but their fighting causes four boulders to roll down the mountain at them. But when Bianca sends out Minccino to fight it, again, it escapes with Axew hanging on as they nearly fall down a cliff into a group of sleeping Swoobat.

While everyone is sleeping, Emolga wanders off, and Oshawott and Axew follow her. However, training with the large shell has made Oshawott faster, and he is able to dodge Blitzle's attacks. Burgundy proclaims that one day she will be better than Cilan and leaves, with the rest of the group heading towards Castelia City once more.

Pikachu realizes that Meowth has been lying all along and gets infuriated. RealArcade distributes games on a time-limited demo basis. Check out all the Arcade Games FreeArcade. Such plans include migrating the accounts of users from RealArcade, lat lag gayee race 2 video song offering discounts and special offers to GamePass members and new social community opportunities.

Excadrill dodges, quickly grabs Pikachu's tail, throws him, and uses Metal Claw, landing a direct hit. Soon, two people approach the lab and state that they want to have Professor Ikarus be the first to see the successful manipulation of Dark Matter. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is preparing their final stage of their mission in Nimbasa City. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decide to steal the Archen, along with the data for constructing a restoration machine.

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With the crisis averted and Emolga learning to share, Bianca leaves the group, heading off to catch up with Ash's badge count. Georgia has ordered Pawniard to use Guillotine on a fallen Snivy. Ash decides to go over to the train car and help them out.

The ceiling really stands out in the room. There are some clever tricks to make a home theater feel like a real one.

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Excadrill listens in surprise, remembering how Iris never gave up trying to beat him, and her words of encouragement. The gang decides to help but Cilan refuses, due to a past experience regarding Purrloin. Tepig battles Chili's Pansear and wins. Ash and Pikachu catch up with Oshawott who searches in a field for the Scalchop, finding something that he believes to be his Scalchop until it shocks him, with Ash discovering that it is a Joltick. Iris receives the seven feathers of Swanna as a prize and concludes the Club Battles with an interview of Iris.

With Excadrill's trust once again formed with Iris and his newly learned Focus Blast, he is now an even match for Georgia's Beartic, but both defeat each other at the same time, resulting in a tie. In a clock tower, Ash battles the Darumaka, and they point the group to Darmanitan, who is in Zen Mode to prevent one of the bells from falling down.

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Golett lands another direct hit. Even though it blocks Pikachu's Thundershock, it is much too heavy for Oshawott to carry.

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Cilan suggests that Team Rocket is planning to meet outside of the subway and that they are on their way to the Anville Town rail yard. Just in time, a flock of Tranquill help them out. Oshawott finally is able to defeat Palpitoad when he opens his eyes during Aqua Jet, allowing Ash to capture Palpitoad while Cilan captures Stunfisk. Garrason says he will go to the caves to look, and Ash and his friends volunteer to come along. Intent on catching Emolga, Bianca asks everyone to help find it once it escapes.

Soon they find many of them that are angry. The next match is between Vanilite and Tepig. As it wakes up, it starts to destroy the lab and its crying causes an ancient plant to start growing in the lab. Trip says to her that she'll never be a Dragon Master at this rate and starts to leave. That night, they eat the overly spicy meal.

Ash uses Scraggy and defeat Mandibuzz, but then it starts to cry because it was kicked out of its nest because it ate all of its friend's food. Jessie and James take over the capturing process and begin to speed up.

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Cilan then sends out Dwebble and has him craft a stone Scalchop for Oshawott. Cilan and Iris try to help, only to get pulled into its grip. Axew is easily beaten, and Iris sends out Excadrill next, but he will not obey her orders. Once the trial time expires, users are required either to uninstall the game from their computer or to purchase the full version of the game.

When the new Hikozaru and Pochama escape from the lab, Hikari agrees to help find them, with Shinko following her taking notes on the way. Back on the mountain, Purrloin convinces Ash to give Meowth the backpack full of fruits because the pathway ahead becomes even narrower.