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Peer International Music Publishing. The video opens as the protagonist Rihanna shoots and kills a man while he walks through a busy train station.

Select singles in the Format field. It is the responsibility of the vocal producer to tell a singer how to sing the song correctly to achieve the desired sound. It had to be something so offensive. She admitted that she tried to shoot her rapist, but missed, and that she has since realised that committing murder as a form of justice for herself would not have made the situation better.

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Man Down (song)

Brown turned himself in to the police and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault during the trial. Belgian Entertainment Association in Dutch. British Phonographic Industry. Bobby Campbell assisted with vocal production and recording. At a nightclub the protagonist dances and flirts with another club-goer, who then attacks her when she leaves the club.

So for them to be mad about, number one, an issue that actually exists? The Village Westlake Recording Studios. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She wrote that she did not understand why a truck bonnet was in the middle of the stage. Recording Industry Association of America.

Singer Shontelle and production duo Rock City wrote the song with its main producer, Sham. Select Silver in the Certification field. Scroll through the page-list below until year to obtain certification. He allegedly punched Rihanna and threatened to kill her. And we decided to home in on a very serious matter that people are afraid to address, especially if you've been victimized in this scenario.

Rihanna Man Down LyricsMan Down (song)

She confirmed that Rihanna was present when she was writing her part in the recording studio. Type Rihanna in the top right search bar. Lyrically, Rihanna is a fugitive after she shoots a man, usb advance for ps2 an action she later regrets.

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Obviously she's not a cold-blooded killer.

Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana in Italian. Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana.

Rihanna Man Down Lyrics

Rihanna Man Down

Def Jam Recordings Inlay cover. Sham Kuk Harrell Bobby Campbell. The song topped the chart in France for five consecutive weeks and reached the top three in Belgium and the Netherlands. Mediating Race, Globalizing Gender.