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Here are some more customization app lists you might like! You might get a pop up saying that this may harm your device or something but that is certainly nothing to worry about, so feel free to change this setting.

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Where Can You Buy Ringtones for an Android Phone

Go ahead and start moving the sliders till you get your exact selection. Generally to save our devices from threats from unknown sources out device does not allow us to download third party apps. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Now, drag it onto your desktop. However, that is mostly for wallpapers only. It's a great app for ringtones or notification tones, though.

5 best apps for notification tones and ringtones

Select your new ringtone from the list. Thus, you can take any track in your library and turn it into a notification tone or a ringtone.

Not only this but you can set unique standard ringtones, contact ringtones, gta vice city modern 2010 alarm and notification sounds for your device. It features a huge number of ringtones from across a variety of genres and types. You can also search specifically for notification tones or ringtones and alarm tones. Use the sliders to adjust the portion of the track you want to turn into the ringtone.

They have different categories of ringtones for every kind of visitor. You can pick from a number of categories and genres such as Christmas, Country, Hip-Hop and many other featured hits. Also, you can set different ringtones for contact, alarm and notification sounds. Once opened, Audacity will scan the file and open it in the editor. Well, it seems to be really cool if you make your favorite song as your ringtone.

Where Can You Buy Ringtones for an Android Phone

Ringtones should be around thirty seconds in length, and can be made from any sound file. The site has ringtones from all categories ranging from the old tones to the latest ones. If you don't have a Ringtones folder, you can create one in the base folder of your phone.

The Easiest Method Using MP3 Cut on the Web

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Audacity will automatically find it when it comes time to export your finished ringtone. It works about the same way as Ringdroid. In Oreo, you can add your newly-created ringtone directly from the Sounds menu.

The most irritating part of the app is, by far, its ad frequency. Did this summary help you? Need a site with up dated music and bands, like bon jovi. Also, you have some of the funny Ringtones featured within the app to set as custom notifications. Are there any sites that you can download Ringtones directly to my android phone?

This will open the file picker, where you can navigate to a newly transferred or downloaded tone. Your email address will not be published.

It works as the name suggests. You're free to use other apps, and the process will likely be very similar to using Ringtone Maker. In addition, the controls are manageable and the app is fairly clean. The notification tones tend to be shorter so they don't get annoying if you get a lot of notifications at once. Tap the green button next to the file you want to edit.

Open Settings and tap Sound. Open the Ringtone Maker app. It can also record audio for custom recordings. Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox.

There is a lot to choose from so I am sure there is something for everyone. However, we found this one to be rather competent. Look at you, mobile warrior. It's quite a bit higher than we would like.

Unlock your screen if it's locked. The app is free with no in-app purchases. After downloading it, find it in your file manager. How can I make a specific song I am desiring be my ring tone? You can set the ringtone after that.

Pi Music Player is a good one-two punch. The name you enter when saving the will be the name it is listed as in the ringtone selection menu.

It's not among the best music player apps. Your source for all things Android! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists! Select the file you want to cut. If you want to make a ringtone using an app on your Android without ever connecting it to a computer, click here.

However, the ringtone cutter function is better than most, so it's a decent app overall. However, it also has some ringtone capabilities. The site is compatible with almost all handsets and is the one stop shop for the Ringtone lovers.