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The app works by creating a direct Wi-Fi connection where the nearby devices can connect to. You can send files such as photos, videos, and apps straight from one device to another without a wi-fi connection. But when this happens, you can quickly solve it by troubleshooting to detect and rectify any connection issues.

If you wish, you can download the latest version for your Windows computer from the official download link provided. If you want this app, you can download the latest version of this app from a trusted source or from its official website. Once all the devices have been synchronized, you can easily start to transfer the files. Supports the sharing of groups of up to five devices simultaneously. Remind them that in it was one of the most widely used apps for Android in India.

If it refuses to work, you have to try it once again or restart your system. The interface of this app shows all the icons together will all the names of the devices connected.

SHAREit for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Latest Version

Main features of SHAREit App

However, the invention of apps such as Shareit has brought things nearer enabling you to access files faster than before. For your computer to be connected and allow you to share files, you will need Shareit to achieve this.

No more delays with slow transfer speed or lengthy connection processes. Using it is pretty simple that any smartphone user can easily get started. However, all the devices involved must have installed this Shareit app on their operating system to have the access granted before files transfer can start.

SHAREit for PC is free file sharing app that works across multiple OS

However, you have to take extra measures to ensure that you are sharing files with someone you trust to prevent your data from getting into wrong hands. The main feature of this app is that of sharing files between two devices without the need to use cloud storage. This means that anyone can easily get started even without prior knowledge as its interface is user-friendly. However, even with its high transfer speed, some files could take a considerable amount of time depending on their size.

SHAREit for PC Windows 7/8//10 Latest Version

This app can a time freeze while you are in the process of transferring files. This means that there are minimal chances that your files will be lost or stolen along the way. Some of these files you can share using the app are videos, music files, photos, documents and apps. After it has been connected with another device, files can be exchanged between the devices.

However, with plenty of apps for this purpose in the market, it easy to get confused. You will find the direct download link for the app here. One of the most outstanding features of this app is the multiplatform support it offers us. You can do it all with a simple drag and drop. However, always ensure that you download the app on trusted websites.

SHAREit for PC is free file sharing app that works across multiple OS

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. While there are several applications available that you can use to transfer files, not all of them are great.

SHAREit for PC Windows 7/8//10 Latest Version

The file sharing experience you get using this app is exceptional. Get this app today and you might never regret using it. You can make it work once more by restarting both devices. Overall, this is the best practical way of transferring files as fast as possible.

In this quick guide, I will provide you with everything you need to know about this application. This app also allows you to clone the whole device system and send all its data and layout to another device. But sending a big file such as a movie or lengthy music file might take a lot of time. This makes it great for cutting down on time and increasing your productivity overall. You only need to pair your device with another Wi-Fi enabled device and you can begin sending files right away.

Shareit can also be buggy sometimes. Shareit is an application which lets you transfer files between different devices including tablets, umrao jaan film phones and computers. Both devices need to have Shareit and access permission must be granted.

Download SHAREit for Windows 7 - free version for PC

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The app uses direct Wi-Fi connections to send files from one device to another.

After you have downloaded, just double-click on that folder to start the installation process. Once this direct wireless connection has been established among the Shareit enabled devices, files can then be sent and received. This app works most of the time smoothly and with very high speed. This is a clean, fast, and free operation that will become the first step towards easy file sharing. Shareit only communicates with other Shareit-enabled gadgets, this means both devices must have Shareit app running for it to work.

Also, you might need to adjust your Wi-Fi settings when using this app since it relies on direct connections using Wi-Fi to transfer files between devices. This involves what it is, how to download and install it, its features and how to use it to enable you to share files easily. We both consume it and create it, processing a large amount of information.

Just download the app and you are ready to go. Shareit is completely safe. If you are still one of those people who have not yet downloaded and installed this application on your computer, you have come to the perfect place.