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Swati Kiranam Directed by K. Dawn of Light is a Telugu musical drama film directed by K. Viswanath Indian nonlinear narrative films Films about the arts Indian musical films Films about classical music and musicians Telugu film scores by K.

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Vishwanath is fantastic and visually flawless making it a great artistic film. Narayana Reddy and Vennelakanti Music- K. This applies to every sphere of life and Fine Arts is of no exception in this regard. Every aspect in life is based on this dual nature of things. How did Gangadharam feel when he realized that his guru finds him as a threat?

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Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam is phenomenal as the lower middle class father to Gangadharam, who dreams of making his son a great artist. Mammottty is flawless as the lead role Anantha Sharma in the film. Filmfare Award for Best Music Director.


The scene where he bursts out on Gangadharam about his insecurities can be termed as one of the best scenes in Telugu Cinema. Hence his close associate Pughazhendi composed all the songs in this film. Every song is a unique composition where all the songs rendered by Anantha Sharma are commanding and aggressive, the songs rendered by Gangadharam are mellowed, fresh, rock me baby bb king mp3 spirited yet brilliant. Veteran singer Vani Jayaram lent her voice for all songs sung by Gangadharam in the film and she is absolutely fantastic. The music teacher's husband tells him that they have forgiven him and asks him to return to his house.

Anantha Sharma Mammootty is a highly accomplished carnatic music exponent and renowned by many as a role model. Anantha Rama Sharma is a widely respected Carnatic singer with a big ego. His wife Radhika is also into music and a great supportive wife in personal as well as his artist career. Ananta Sharma is still unconscious while in the police station.

In this emotional moment, he suffers a heart-attack. Pancharatna Krithis are unique compostions where there are numerous charanams which progress into a crescendo.

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To show his gratitude towards his adopted mother, Gangadhar kills himself so that there is no competition for Anantha Sharma. Pranathi Pranathi is first sung in Naata by the character of Anantha Sharma which is tuned in a different way again for Gangadharam to sing brilliantly. But the compositions are strikingly different.

All About Lyrics Swathi Kiranam Lyrics Pranati Pranati Telugu Song Lyrics

Swathi Kiranam

Anantha Sharma wants to imprison Gangadhar's talents. But Gangadharam sings the same song in a different yet better tune in music competition for which Anantha Sharma is the judge. If the World itself is dual, how can a person escape such nature? Madhusudana rao Story, Screenplay and Direction- K. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Narayana Reddy and Vennelakanti. Radhika is mesmerizing as the considerate wife to Anantha Sharma as well as a concerned motherly person to Gangadharam. He learns music from a local guru Jayanthi who instantly finds Gangadharam exceptional in the way of learning music.

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Needless to say, this song fetched best female playback singer award for Vani Jayaram. Music is an essential lifeline of the film.

His day comes when Anantha Sharma is honored in an auditorium. Narayana Reddy lyrics Madugula Nagaphani Sharma lyrics. Mahadevan Indian drama films.

Redirected from Swathi Kiranam. Swathi Kiranam is perhaps the only film to have same lyrical compositions sung by different singers. Banner- Swathi Productions.

What are the consequences which happen as a result of this jealousy, threat and insecurities? Every aspect in life has an uplifting good side and an unexplored dark side.

Lyrics- Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry, C. His knowledge in the field of Carnatic music is immense, and he is obviously too pleased with himself regarding the same. The film answers all such thought provoking questions. He is a jovial boy who has all the fun related interests which boys of his age has- like wandering around the town with friends, enjoying modern music, joyful way of living and so on.

Madhusudhan Rao Written by M. He belongs to a lower middle class family where his parents Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam and Dubbing Janaki have a small hotel business. The best feature of him is the sparkling smile which speaks of the innocence in his character.

Swathi Kiranam - All Songs Lyrics & Videos