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This is comforting for readers who may already be daunted by the subject matter, giving the book a predictability in style. The phase of a substance is invariably determined by its energy and the energy of its surroundings. This text appears to cover a similar list of topics to those covered in the more expensive text I currently use in my courses. The tabs online version make navigation between sections simple. Terminology is maintained throughout and the approach to solving problems relies on a regular, consistent approach.

Beginner / First Semester

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Each chapter contains a useful glossary and summary of important points from the main text. Discover Chemistry Explore the interesting world of science with articles, videos and more. Navigating through the pdf and clicking on links embedded in the text is a great tool for expanding on ideas in the classroom. We aim to teach students the scientific method, so they should begin to grapple with areas where demonstrable facts are in contradictions to their previously held beliefs.

As for not enough detail the absence of one thing in an equation, Ch. Explained in an easy to understand method.

And not chemistry textbook explains everything perfectly. This textbook covers all of the typical areas addressed in the many General Chemistry texts that are on the market. If this is the case, saree ke fall se video song is it worthwhile to invest a few hundred dollars on the textbooks?

This exponential dependence of a reaction rate on temperature is known as the Arrhenius equation. Numerous modern examples, like new materials, devices and environmental aspects of chemistry are highly relevant today, but may be relatively easily updated with future scientific progress. This book is primarily about the science with some examples of the people who have studied a particular chemical concept. It has the basics, plus lots of sidebar and highlight material when you get bored with the basics.

The chapter layout are almost the same as other textbooks. But as stated in earlier in the Consistency portion of this review, if the segmentation is not done in a linear fashion, there will be difficulty in understanding. Examples given were timely and still relevant to today's student.

While both alchemy and chemistry are concerned with matter and its transformations, the crucial difference was given by the scientific method that chemists employed in their work. Figures have numbers in the hard-bound version while they are in-line with the text online. Staudinger describes polymers A. Many chapters start with a short introduction and a real life picture.

The sequence of steps in which the reorganization of chemical bonds may be taking place in the course of a chemical reaction is called its mechanism. This book has been a pleasure for me. The book is clearly divided into sections and subsections.

Don't think it can get much clearer. This book is an excellent one for its clarity, examples, video examples, worked problem examples, organization, and range of topics covered. The layout is very similar to the one that we are currently using and the coverage in each subject area is equal to or better than our current text.

Some people may not know this, but there is a Solutions to Black Exercises for Chemistry out there as well. For the majority of the text, the succinctness without excess verbiage was a plus. This book covers the material that is commonly covered General Chemistry course. Words that are defined early on in the text are used again later. The text is well over pages.

In general the authors adopted a clear, concise style and tried to keep sentences short and simple. The glossary in each section will be useful for students to identify and review key terms. Each section has its own description and examples.

Chemistry Textbook

Before looking at the text, I had been a bit wary due to a colleague in a different discipline who struggled with open resources that were disjointed, and had terrible figures. Reaction mechanisms are proposed to explain the kinetics and the relative product mix of a reaction. It introduces scientists whenever relative.

However, this type of reference where the parts of a figure are separately referenced is rare in the text and don't detract from the structure and flow. The book is quite comprehensive. Communities Find a chemistry community of interest and connect on a local and global level.

Why are some salts acidic and others alkaline? There are some minor issues with the formatting, such as the heading for a textbox falling on one page, and then the vast majority of the text ending up on the next page.

First-semester general chemistry

Depending on how these sciences continue to change, these examples could also quickly become outdated. Additionally, a chapter such as that of transition metals, usually taught late in second semester, could be easily moved up to fashion a different sequence. One feature that I disliked was splitting tables across pages. Likewise, the chapter on equilibrium accurately describes Kc, Kp, Ksp, and Kf.

The only accuracy issue minor was on p. Fleming discovers penicillin.

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