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The epfl ekv mosfet model equations for simulation dating, numerical flow simulation

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Accommodates certain simulators where only alphabetic characters are allowed.

Solution methods are developed and applied to domains as diverse as flow dynamics, structural analysis, mass transport, heat transfer and in general to multiscale and multiphysics applications. Only used for operating point information. The analytical expression for the saturation voltage in the operating point information is modified such that its value is non-zero in weak inversion. Compatible with former revisions except for default calculation of the parameters mentioned, if the optional parameters are specified.

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Numerical flow simulation

Applications are drawn from a wide spectrum across the applied sciences and engineering, including electromagnetics, plasma physics, geoscience and general relativity. The targeted applications span from elasticity to electromagnetic problems. Optional parameter for mobility reduction due to vertical field.

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While our method fully accounts for the impact of random dopants, the typical uncertainty is several percents of the channel length. Hence, in the former case the reliability is dominated by single discrete defects and in the latter case one has to deal with the impact of continuously distributed defects.

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Simplifies adaptation from earlier model versions to the current version. The analysis is conducted using mathematical methods in several fields such as linear algebra, approximation theory, partial differential equations, dating professional fighter definition optimization and control. This accommodates scaling behavior and allows more meaningful statistical circuit simulation due to decorrelation of physical effects. Also compare with optional process parameters.

Finite element modelling and simulation

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