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Try restarting the phone to solve the problem. Adjust the settings to customise your music player.

Samsung S5230 Specs

Enter the currencies or measurements and units in the appropriate fields. In Menu mode, select Communities.

Extreme temperatures can reduce the charging capacity and life of your batteries. Aim the lens at the subject and make any adjustments. Also it's a blithe picture moocher with still the oh so popular Grin Attempt mode and it can simply brand your mobile music player outmoded. Use Basic Call Functions Switch to or from the silent profile In Idle mode, select Keypad, and tap and hold silence or unsilence your phone.

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The phone has software for editing photos and videos and music recognition. Replace the battery cover. Use Basic Camera Functions Use basic camera functions Learn the basics to capture and view photos and videos.

Add and find contacts Learn the basics of using the phonebook feature. Select a frame and press the Confirm key. If you selected a header, select Retrieve to view the body of the email. Rotate the phone anti-clockwise to landscape view. In Idle mode, select Keypad and enter an area code and a phone number.

Phone Search Advanced Search. Answer A Second Call Hold a call or retrieve a held call Select Hold to place a call on hold or select Retrieve to retrieve a held call. Be unique and this will be your attractive point to lure more potential customers from purchasing your products. Manage your calendar Learn to change the calendar view and create events.

Press and hold the Camera key to take a series of photos. Press the Camera key to take a photo with the frame. Therefore, you need to set your target goals and listed down which group of people are your potential customers and follow that path to success.

Drag left or right to scroll through the menu screens. The download of Java games or Java applications may not be supported depending on the software of the phone. Select On under Fake call voice.

Consistency is a vital characteristic for your newly developed brand to gain more trust from your customers. Tips for building a well-known brand. Select next to a profile you want.

Samsung Star themes - free download

Link us on the afterward bleep for a walkthrough of the cell external and ergonomics. The contact is saved to the favourite number. Set and use alarms Learn to set and control alarms for important events. Remain consistency for your brand Consistency is a vital characteristic for your newly developed brand to gain more trust from your customers.

Samsung GT-S5230W User Manual

In Idle mode, flash contents select Menu to access Menu mode. Save the edited image with a new file name.

Follow the trend or your brand will be eliminated. Select to switch to Recording mode. Make any necessary adjustments. In Menu mode, select Alarms.

Targeting the midrange market SamsungS links the ranks of inexpensive touch phones and one item's for certain. These specification were provided from Samsung Mobile website. You can obtain additional accessories from your local Samsung dealer. That appears sufficient for us - let's notice with whatever armaments are scheduling to take on the midrange touch wars.

Use Java-powered Games And Applications Use Java-powered games and applications Learn to use games and applications powered by award-winning Java technology. Use The Touch Screen Use the touch screen Your phones touch screen lets you easily select items or perform functions. Select an email or a header.

Your popularity will rise because you remain consistent theme. Do not use carrying cases or accessories with magnetic closures or allow your phone to come in contact with magnetic fields for extended periods of time. Safety Precautions Follow all safety warnings and regulations Comply with any regulations that restrict the use of a mobile phone in a certain area.