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Two introverts dating extroverted, love between two introverts - Introvert Spring

When introverts are in intimacy, there are sparkles and bubbles! When you are dating an introvert you know that each word he is saying is meant to be there in your discussion. However, I am pretty discreet and mostly contained, so everyone tells me I should be dating an extrovert. This is when I understood that amazing things happen when two introverts start dating. Have the differences between you and your extroverted lover left you guilt-ridden and hollow?

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We might even hide our relationship from our friends. We talk less, but we listen more, so our relationships are deeper. What I wanted to illustrate, is that being with someone who sees the world through the same lens as you can be liberating. It can open up your quiet world. We value words more than other people.

Our first date is not awkward. This allows the relationship to evolve naturally, something very special nowadays. Have you been pushed to the outskirts of your own world and left to feel like an outsider looking in? Sometimes I am alone, but I am not lonely.

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Love between two introverts

There is a benefit to such a relationship. Then I had the revelation of my life and I fell for an introvert.

This usually means talking about things only introverts understand, like not knowing what to say on a first date.

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When we do start talking, we can chat for hours on end, because we have many topics to talk about. After the first couple of minutes, you gradually start to feel comfortable with each other. Often, both partners stay in their own corner, unable to be vulnerable and truly connect. Somehow, they each found a remnant of themselves in the other. If you escape, you will likely be hurtled full-force into the arms of someone more like you.

Love between two introverts - Introvert Spring

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Because introverts like to watch and value words more than other people, their relationships are deeper and more meaningful. There are many myths that say introverts are not interested in sex or avoid touching people, but they are all myths! When two introverts meet, they know how strange the other person is feeling, abel tesfaye and bella hadid dating so they respect this and try to act as normal as possible. Introverts are perfectly able to sit in silence and communicate.

There is passion and there is love! If you take your time to know your partner and understand him, when the moment comes, it will be truly special. Well, not more awkward than all first dates. We do like sexy time, but we are a lot more careful with whom we reach that moment. They gazed from afar, until one day, they began having awkward exchanges with drawn-out pauses.