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Along with the unlucky breaks, the game has a habit of being late in giving out time-sensitive information. Far and away, the game's biggest problem is that it suffers from an identity crisis. Often, the next gate is a degree turn from your current position and hidden from view. The car will feel slow and heavy one minute, but just seconds later, the slightest bump will send it careening.

The free ride mode is easily the highlight of the game, though that's not saying much. This is a racer that fans of the genre should check out. The game awards and takes away drift points on a seemingly random basis, penalizing you for drifting off the road even if you don't hit anything. The graphics are wonderful, the action is quick and can be tense, and the game can be enjoyed in short spurts of time.

The game is playable using just a keyboard, but unless you're eager to accelerate the onset of carpal tunnel, you'll want to use a controller. These races often require dozens of attempts to master. There are a number of race styles, including standard races, timed events, knockout races, drift, rally, waypoint, and sometimes a combination of events. If, however, you want to run over cows or push jets off of an aircraft carrier, you can do those things. As you pass through a gate, the arrow is supposed to shift direction to guide you to the next point.

Also, it basically penalizes you twice for making mistakes. All of the race modes employ catch-up artificial intelligence, like an arcade-style racer does, but they're also completely unforgiving, much like a sim is. In fact, if you can't beat a race, due to the unfair way they're often set up, you can't skip it.

Unfortunately, the arrows don't always change directions fast enough. You can pick any car you want and drive nearly anywhere you desire, but the payoffs for exploring are limited. In off-road races, the game uses arrows to guide you from one checkpoint to the next. Conversely, you lose speedbucks if you ram opponents, cut them off, hit a wall, or press the back button to return your car to the track. You can choose from only a few different race types, and just six people can race at a time.

While speedbucks are the only compelling aspect of the career mode, they're also another aspect of the game that is unforgiving to the point of cruelty. Online play is included, but it's strictly bare-bones. This makes the already sloppy controls even more unmanageable. Bland visuals, run-of-the-mill gameplay, a restrictive car license, and a poor sense of speed were just a few of the original game's many problems.

Real World Racing Free Download FULL Version PC Game

Thankfully the option to create a custom soundtrack is available, making the lousy music the one bad part of the game you can successfully avoid. The action on the track is faster than in the original game, but the sluggish frame rate makes it difficult to feel any sense of speed. The system is unfair because the game is set up such that many snafus are unavoidable. Post-apocalyptic indie game.

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The only available multiplayer option is a basic split-screen mode. While these numbers are technically truthful, there's some sketchy math behind them.

Many courses vary only slightly from one another. Car damage is the highlight of the game.

By Metascore By user score. So, by the time you see the arrow and make your turn, it's too late to make it to the next gate. The game's smoke and dirt effects are poor as well. Right off the bat, you'll find that the menus are unattractive and difficult to navigate. Furthermore, the game counts mirrored tracks as original courses.

World Racing 2 Free Download FULL Version PC Game

Poor controls mean you'll frequently end up like this. Then there are locations like Egypt, which has you driving amid ugly radio towers and gas pipelines. On the other hand, just bumping a single object on the side of the road could mean you won't have enough time to finish a race.

For instance, because many of the game's scenery objects don't have solid geometry, you can't drive off the road and land on a submarine, since your car will clip right through it. At the very least, the developer should have included some kind of halfway-decent tutorial in the game, though these races probably should have been less infuriating in the first place. You earn speedbucks for passing cars, taking shortcuts, driving on two wheels, and catching air. Aside from the ability to earn speedbucks, nothing about the career mode is compelling. The environments look fine when viewed from the track, but the moment you go off-road and get a close look at the scenery, the below-average textures quickly become apparent.

World Racing 2

If you like racing games and you have a computer then this is a game you might want to take a look at. The lack of an in-car view with full cockpit might leave some hardcore fans slightly disappointed, pc game call of duty 3 but the other features of the game more than make up for that loss.

Those hoping that the game would at least put forth a strong multiplayer component are going to be disappointed. Even if you manage to look past all of its problems and find something fun to do, the game will soon quash your short-lived joy.

Hawaii has an aircraft carrier you can drive on, complete with planes you can knock off the side, and the ocean looks beautiful reflecting the sun and swaying palm trees. It can't decide whether it's a simulation or a pure arcade racer. You don't have rivals, you never improve your abilities, and you have no freedom to choose your next race.


Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. The game's two main play modes are career and free ride. The soundtrack is also deeply generic, consisting of bland tracks that don't make any kind of audible impression throughout the game. The engine sound effects aren't particularly robust, nor are any of the other sound effects noteworthy. In addition to losing time because you just drove off a cliff, you're assessed a financial penalty.