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X-Plane 9 9.75.4 Update

Again, this added more time and more complexity. We do not have a release date. The product itself will be effectively identical. The only major differences between them are the processor speeds and the screen resolutions.

Unfortunately, a lot of the feedback that I get is not specific enough for us to use. So what does this mean for users? This will probably be in a number of weeks, not days but also not likely months. The company has found equilibrium creating both desktop and mobile products.

This is of course a complete false-positive on the part of the Anti-virus software. It was a long, arduous process. Android had an emulator that was not hardware accelerated.

That requires three different resource packages to be created and tested. Finally, I will try to roll out at least a beta of new installers some time this week.

That requires three different versions of our app to be created and tested and distributed. If a new feature is added to one platform, it will be available on the other platform almost immediately store approval times permitting.

This means we can really tune the crap out of the app before we make it public. In addition, all of the tools come in a single package that just works out of the box. Once Android has settled down a bit, the work that we do will be for both platforms.

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Typically we let users Beta test our products to find some bugs early and help us stabilize. When the user buys our app and the download fails, they get angry at us. This was a conversion of post redunadant Halifax bombers. None of the standard libraries that we were used to using were available.

Between Ben, Tyler and myself, we essentially own one of everything. Before I get into the real point of the blog post, allow me to answer some of those questions.

Normally betas increase load on our set of update servers. Why should he get all of the attention?

The flaps of the real aircraft are more sophisticated than in this model, and of course the real aircraft has a fixed main landing gear. Chris has restructured X-Plane for Android to separately download the art assets from our servers, photo makers software rather than contain all art assets in the actual download.

From a stability standpoint, Apple had the advantage in that they already had the code, the engineers and the process in place to do this. The day that Android becomes the faster and easier platform to develop for, it will be the one that we develop for first.

X-Plane 9 Civil Heavy Aircraft

In addition to all of the technological advantages Apple had, they also had a head-start of well over a year. This is a very important fact to remember.

The update allows users to purchase aircraft and scenery add-ons if they wish. Ilyushin Il About the aircraft This aircraft is built to be as close to the real thing both in performance and look.

What he found after several painful weeks was that the Android store is not yet reliable for large apps. If you have an Android device, check your market for the new update.

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Apple already had an Operating System, supporting frameworks and a development environment to leverage. You can even tweet about it right from the market listing. Android at the time only supported Java apps.